Waiting on the world to change...

Waiting on the world to change...
Live like there's no tomorrow..!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Mr. You,

whoever you are, I hope you’ll understand me… many times I do feel complete even when I don’t have somebody to fill the spaces within my hands… but still I’m waiting for that special someone to come coz I think it'll be good to share my stories with a guy I LOVE. And If ever you get to read this please have a broad mind….
I am just a simple young lady, who lives a simple life… I am fascinated with wonderful things and may get hypnotized by their beauties, but It doesn’t mean I am a materialistic jerk, I can be happy with whatever you may offer, most especially your unconditional love.

I may be so childish and clumsy at times when my LITTLE ME gets too stubborn, but i am not an immature kid who does not care at all.

And to be honest with you, I haven’t played any dolls back when I’m just a little one, I am not use to it… I grew up having my father as my mother and my brother as my playmate, I have a sister but she never played with me..and never did I watched barbie stuff so if you would like to ask me how I felt then when Ken kissed Barbie, THAT i don't really have any idea..^^ so Im sorry.

Do you find me weird now?? but hey I might look so tough but I still have this woman’s heart, so please respect me & take good care of my feelings, hold it not too tight and not to loose, just hold it wise,nice and cool..and dont play fools.

You can't expect too much from me but still I assure you i’ll be givin you unconditionally the best that I can be.
so can we just love each other right??? and get through to all the problems and fights. Remember, we can make things work if we talk and never earn and put those misunderstandings on a cork board.


P.S If ever you're going to come, please make it on the right time.

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