Waiting on the world to change...

Waiting on the world to change...
Live like there's no tomorrow..!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


funny how I used to hate Purple color back then, I think it's kinda a little messed up, Red and yeallow is my all time favorite color.. You see got my Sony Ericsson mobile phone red, and even got my key chain red, I am so fascinated with red or yellow sports car, it's like all the things that comes in that color woulda been good for me. But mind you guys, I am not that so addicted to it, like I'll make all my shirts like that, believe me I love red and yellow, but my tee's are most often comes in a white or black one.. white sooths me, black is just nice..

So back in the purple thing.... some of my friends love that color, At first I don't get it, purple is just dead boring, doesn't makes you happy (but that's just for me)... then one day, I don't know if it is just "accidentally meant" .. but one day, I 'm outside and I saw the sky, it's all purple, and it gave me a nice feeling like wonderful feeling & when I glanced around, I saw about five persons wearing purple tee's and it doesn't irritates me anymore. It's like the purple sky gave me a reason to like the Purple color.

And I learned that sometimes, it takes time to like the things that you won't really suppose to like at all, and most often you will realize it through an ordinary boring day.. and that ordinary boring day would turn out to be special to you.

Quite right??


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