Waiting on the world to change...

Waiting on the world to change...
Live like there's no tomorrow..!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So, you're back in manila huh??! yay!!

cheers to that!

it means you're just one ride away from me dude..

yaaaah knooooow i'm missssssiinn you freak..

miss all the fun with you..

enjoyed over one year straight I had with you,

yah know, the duty days and all the kulitan fun..

had fun being your buddie dude.. you're just one of the best people I know.

you great little monkey, hope to see you soon..

I love you my good friend!! and your CRAZINESS..

I hope the hurt will soon be over..

I told you so!! you shouldn't be with that kind of guy..

oh darn... you'd better be good in choosing next time.


Panget nito............

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